superfamily Cyclophoroidea

Members of the superfamily Cyclophoriodea are operculate, terrestrial snails, distributed widely in the tropics and subtropics, with a few species in warm temperate areas. Distributions were taken from “Compendium of Landshells” by R. Tucker Abbott, the website, and the Discover Life website. There seems to be much confusion surrounding the content of the Cyclophoroidea. Bouchet & Rocroi, 2005 [Classification and Nomenclature of Gastropod Families. Malacologia 47 (1-2): 1-397] recognize eight extant families, all of which appear to have some terrestrial species; Aciculidae, Craspedopomatidae, Cyclophoridae, Diplommatinidae, Maizaniidae, Megalomastomatidae [=Megalomastomidae, Megalostomatidae, see below], Neocyclotidae and Pupinidae. Some authors do not recognize Neocyclotidae as separate from Cyclophoridae. Other classifications include recognition of the families Cochlostomatidae, Liareidae, and Poteriidae, which Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) place as subfamilies within the DiplommatinidaePupinidae, and Neocyclotidae, respectively. The arrangement below follows Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) as closely as possible, recognizing that they do not list genera, but do list subfamilies, which allows some cross-tracking.

family Aciculidae

A small family of minute, terrestrai snails of Europe.


Acicula Europe
Platyla Europe
Renea Europe

family Craspedopomatidae

A monotypic family. The single species is sometimes placed in the Maizaniidae.


Craspedopoma Madeira Island

family Cyclophoridae

This is a large family of the Old World tropics and subtropics. A monograph on the Cyclophoridae was written (in German) in 1902 by Wilhelm Kobelt. It is available digitally through the Biodiversity Heritage Library at:


Alycaeus SE Asia, Comores Ids.
Aulopoma South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia
Boucardicus Madagascar
Caspicyclotus Iran
Chamalycaeus India, China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia
Chondrocyclus South Africa, Madagascar
Craspedotropis India
Crossopoma Viet Nam, Indonesia
Cyathopoma Madagascar, Seychelles, Tanzania, India, Indonesia, Philippines
Cyclohelix India, Indonesia
Cyclophorus S. Africa, Comoros, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, India, Korea, China, Japan, New Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia
Cyclosurus Comoros
Cyclotus Madagascar, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines
Cytora New Zealand
Dicharax China, Bhutan, Thailand, Indonesia
Dioryx China, Bhutan, Thailand, Malaysia
Ditropis India, Malaysia, New Guinea, Philippines, Australia
Ditropopsis Borneo
Hainesia Madagascar
Japonia Hainan Id, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand
Lagocheilus Comoros, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Guinea
Leptopoma China, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, Australia
Leptopomoides India, Sri Lanka, Thailand
Leucoptychia Indonesia
Micraulax India
Mychopoma India, New Guinea
Myxostoma Viet Nam, China
Nakadaella Japan
Opisthoporus China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia
Owensgriffithsius Madagascar
Pearsonia India
Platyraphe Malaysia
Platyrhaphe China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines
Procyclotus Hong Kong, Japan
Pterocyclos Borneo
Pterocyclus SE Asia
Ptychopoma Taiwan, China
Rhiostoma Thailand, Malaysia
Scabrina Thailand, India, Viet Nam
Siphonocyclus Hainan Id.
Spirostoma South Korea, Japan
Theobaldius India, Indonesia

family Diplommatinidae [=Cochlostomatidae]

This is a large family of Europe, SE Asia, and Madagascar.


Adelopoma Panama
Arinia Malaysia, Indonesia
Cochlostoma Europe, Reunion Id., India
Diancta Japan
Diplommatina Malaysia, Australia, Fiji
Gastroptychia Malaysia
Helicomorpha Philippines
Hungerfordia Palau
Malarinia Madagascar
Nicida India, Sri Lanka
Opisthostoma Malaysia
Palaina Australia
Pseudopalaina Indonesia


family Maizaniidae

A small family with one genus.


Maizania East Africa, Kenya


family Megalomastomatidae

A small family with much confusion at several levels. First, there is disagreement on membership, ranging from one genus, Cyclopilsbrya (with one species, Cstiosa, from Jamaica) according to the Discover Life website to Abbott’s [1989. Compendium of Landshells] recognition of seven; Acroptychia (Madagascar), Aperostoma (mispelled “Akerostoma” on page 208, but spelled correctly on page 44), Cyclojamaica (Jamaica), Farcimen (Cuba), Hainesia (Madagascar), Megalomastoma (Lesser Antilles & Peurto Rico)and Tomocyclus (Guatemela), to the web site’s list of ten genra, including all of the above plus Anosyclos (Madagascar) and Boucardicus (Madagascar). Second, Abbott (1989) lists the seven genera above as members of the Megalostomatidae on page 208, but they all appear to be under Poteriidae [=Neocyclotidae here] on pages 44-45. Finally, there are several spellings of the family name in the literature. Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) use Megalomastomatidae (thus the heading for this section), but Abbott (1989) uses Megalostomatidae and still others use Megalomastomidae. Here I will follow the Discover Life website and include only Cyclopilsbrya. The remainder of the genera above are found in Neocyclotidae and Cyclophoridae.


Cyclopilsbrya Jamaica


family Neocyclotidae [=Poteriidae]

This is a large family of the New World tropics and subtropics (with the exception of two genera found in the South Pacific). As mentioned above some authors do not recognize Neocyclotidae as a separate family and place most of these genera in the Cyclophoridae, Megalomastomatidae and/or Poteriidae. Interestingly, the Discover Life web site lists Hainesia (see above under Cyclophoridae) under both Cyclophoridae and Neocyclotidae. I believe they are correctly placed in the Cyclophoridae based on distribution.


Amphicyclotulus Martinique, Dominica
Amphicyclotus Dominica, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras
Aperostoma Mexico, Central America, NW S. America
Austrocyclotus Guadeloupe, Martinique, Tabago
Barbacyclus Costa Rica
Buckleyia Ecuador
Calaperostoma Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia
Crocidopoma Dominican Republic
Cycladamsia Jamaica
Cycloadamsia Jamaica
Cyclobakeria Jamaica
Cyclochittya Jamaica
Cyclojamaicia Jamaica
Cyclovendreysia Jamaica
Dicrista Mexico (Michoacán, Guerrero)
Farcimen Cuba, Puerto Rico, Trinidad
Farcimoides Dominican Republic, Cuba
Gassiesia New Caledonia
Gonatoraphe New Guinea, Vanuatu, Samoa
Incerticyclus Brazil (Bahia)
Incidostoma Venezuela
Lagocyclus Ecuador
Lithacaspis St. Lucia
Neocyclotus Florida, Southern Mexico, West Indies, Central America, central & NW S. America
Ostodes Samoa, New Caledonia
Poteria Cayman Ids., Jamaica
Ptychocochlis Jamaica
Rugicyclotus Jamaica
Tomocyclus Florida (T. sealei), Mexico, Belize, Guatemela
Xenocyclus Mexico (Colima)


family Pupinidae [=Liareinidae]

This is a large family of the Old World tropics.


Callianella Phillipines, Indonesia
Hargravesia Solomon Ids., Philippines, Vanuatu
Kanapa Vanuatu
Liarea New Zealand
Lopupina Australia
Madecataulus Madagascar
Moulinsia Philippines, Bali
Perlisia Thailand
Pollicaria Malaysia, Viet Nam
Pupina Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, New Guinea, Australia
Pupinella Australia, Japan, Taiwan
Pupinopsis Japan
Realia Cook Ids., Caroline Ids.
Rhaphaulus Borneo
Schistoloma Malaysia, India
Streptaulus India
Tortulosa Thailand, Sri Lanka, India
Tylotoechus Philippines